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While their hot-and-heavy relationship seemingly appeared out of nowhere, the two musicians have been friends for years. In the months that followed their October debut as a couple, they got matching tattoos and packed their Instagram feeds with PDA-filled photos. In August , Cyrus confirmed that she and Simpson had called it quits after 10 months of dating but remain friends. I knew all the words to her songs. I'm not going to lie. I'm not ashamed about it at all," he said during an interview with Fuse. He continued, "I was a big Miley Cyrus fan. I think she will be forever the most dateable Disney star.

In a Rolling Stone article , Cyrus said that Simpson contacted her to create art for his song " Flower. She also gushed about him in the interview, saying, "He's a super fing cool guy and an epic guitar player and singer. She's the chillest — she's the coolest girl I've ever met here in LA. She doesn't have insecurities or stuff like that. She just rolls around riding a three-wheeler motor bike. She's so sick," he said during an interview on the Zach Sang show.

When asked what he's learned from the former Disney Channel star, he said, "It's cool to see her have such a relaxed approach and that inspires me to not care as much. During the interview, the singer credited his family for keeping him grounded and also mentioned Cyrus's role in his climb to fame. She's super open-minded and I'm working on becoming more like that," Simpson said.

He shared the photo on Instagram and wrote, "Haha it's so lit mileycyrus see ya tomorrow boys are cruising! It's unconfirmed whether or not Simpson saw her then. After her splits from husband Liam Hemsworth and reality star Kaitlynn Carter , Cyrus was spotted with her longtime friend Simpson. Following backlash and public scrutiny for moving on so quickly after her past breakups, Cyrus defended herself on Twitter. She also posted photos of Simpson on her Instagram story, seemingly confirming that she was seeing him.

One of the photos was a screenshot of TMZ's video, on which Cyrus wrote, "Can a girl not get a fing acai bowl and a morning makeout session in peace?!?! Cyrus also shared a black and white photo of Simpson and wrote, "22, Australian my type , Abs, Hot Girl Fall," adding check-mark emojis after each line. He's seen kissing Cyrus in the black and white photo, and her arm is wrapped around his neck. The Australian singer is the author of " Prince Neptune ," his debut poetry collection. He shared words to his since-deleted poetry 's Instagram story that read, "the moon's souvenir, the boulevardier, a ballerina on the promenade, we open our curtains to the domesticated world for a natural hour, spinning Elvis records and making love in the soft jewelled morning.

After reading the poem, fans speculated that the entry was inspired by Cyrus. Simpson shared a topless photo to his Instagram, and the "Yummy" singer commented, "Ur body is a wonderland" and added, "Double date? Shortly after they began dating, Cyrus was hospitalized for tonsillitis. In a series of photos on her Instagram story, she showed Simpson standing at her bedside holding a guitar and roses. She wrote , "this sweeeeeet guy came to visit at the hospital and sang the sweeeeeetest song he just wrote for me," adding a black heart emoji.

Alli confirmed her older brother's relationship with Cyrus while speaking to the Daily Mail. Mens Launch in Los Angeles. He continued, "She's creative. She's very passionate about what she does, and I'm very similar in that sense. That's why we get along so well. Simpson and Cyrus cuddled in bed together and took a video with the "Joker" filter on their faces. After looking directly at the camera, they proceeded to touch tongues. Both Cyrus and Simpson debuted their new tattoos, which were done by Nico Bassill. The "We Can't Stop" singer opted for a rock 'n' roll heart on her arm, and Simpson chose a skull on his chest.

Simpson posted the selfie of himself to his Instagram story. While many speculated that he may be moving in with Cyrus, neither party confirmed that they were officially living together. Simpson wrote and played the song for Cyrus while she was in the hospital, according to People. He added that she encouraged him to release it to a wider audience. I'm getting your Spotify and doing this s myself,'" he told People. The couple continued their streak of PDA-filled posts on social media, and Cyrus shared a photo of herself with her hand reaching down Simpson's pants.

The photo has since been deleted. Simpson and Cyrus also did an Instagram livestream , during which Cyrus said , "There are good men out there guys, don't give up. You don't have to be gay. There are good people with dicks out there, you just gotta find them. You gotta find a dick that's not a dick, you know what I mean? The singer immediately received backlash for her comments, which implied that sexuality is a choice.

You are born as you are. Happy Monday! The singer posted an Instagram selfie of herself captioned, "New. The same day, Cort Jewellery reposted Cyrus' photo and wrote, "When you wake up and freak out to see mileycyrus wearing the custom ring you made codysimpson.

Lindsay and Simpson have a history beyond his relationship with her sister. And you settle for less codysimpson. Family is everything you won the masked singer but you lost on your future. The couple was photographed standing up and kissing in the middle of Casa Vega in California. Simpson and Cyrus showed off their Halloween costumes in an Instagram video. Cyrus wrote, "My Idol" and added a black heart emoji. Although the photos have since been deleted, Cyrus shared a series of Instagram pictures from the wedding and wrote, "My baby brother got married on the most stunning sunny Tennessee day standing on top of the same hills where we grew up playin I love you Braison.

Multiple tabloids reported that the couple had parted ways, but Simpson shared an Instagram story showing that his phone background was a picture of young Cyrus smiling. He wrote, "Happy birthday baby. Thanks for being you" and shared a black and white video of the couple laughing together. When he was asked whether or not he'd like to make music with Cyrus while attending the GQ Men of the Year party, he said , "Yeah definitely. We're looking at it. The musician added, "We are getting all the songs down and then seeing who would make sense for what.

It's going to be cool. It's going to be pretty much a rock album. A lot of guitar. The Australian musician was spotted with Murray in New York City around the same time that Cyrus posted a clip of "Sad Christmas Song," and fans wondered if the couple was ending their relationship. Was feeling like s cause I couldn't be with the one I loved," she wrote. A source told E! News they spotted Cody "dancing behind the DJ booth at Little Sister with a group of girls," during which one of the women "kissed him on the lips. However, Simpson's agent released a statement to E!

News denying the claims. Cody went out with a friend and all the rest is fabricated. Period," his agent said. Following the breakup rumors, Simpson shared a video of Cyrus leaning away from him as he tries to kiss her. He eventually leans back in his chair and sips a cup of tea. She added, "I love you and our pirate life! The "Wrecking Ball" singer also shared a photo of the couple in face masks and wrote, "Happy birthday to my favorite human to get weird with on the entire earth.

Cyrus also bought him a personalized vintage doctor's bag with "Prince Neptune," the name of his poetry collection, written on it. When he was asked about whether or not they were considering having children anytime soon, Simpson replied, "None yet, mate," adding, "I'm cautious. I'm a careful guy. I would like to come back more. I will always have a home base in LA, but Australia will always be No. When he was asked if he'd like to raise his children in his home country, he replied, "Absolutely, yes.

During his appearance on "Today Australia," Simpson was asked whether there was any truth to reports that he and Cyrus were expecting their first child together. He said, "I mean, you just gotta take it in stride and, you know, what I try to do is just focus on my work and what's important to me, and for me it's my work and my music, so.

The rest just kind of comes along with it. So, it's all part of it and something you just have to take in stride and be cool with. Cyrus and Simpson went to the tattoo parlor to get matching ink of a trident symbol in anticipation of "Prince Neptune," which was released on April 7. They went to the same artist , Nico Bassill, as they did in October After the ink was completed, Bassill quoted Simpson's poetry and wrote, "Some mornings it's like the sun rises only for her," adding, "Thanks again codysimpson and mileycyrus go pick up your copy of Cody's new book, Out April 7th.

The "Prince Neptune" author celebrated the six-month mark with Cyrus by posting a black-and-white photo of the singer to his Instagram story. Simpson was one of the guests on Cyrus' show called "Bright Minded," an Instagram livestream she created to spread positivity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cyrus asked him about his poetry collection, titled "Prince Neptune," and he recited a poem he wrote for her. I try to chase her there but fall short because I cannot breathe up that high in the radiant heavens where she lingers. I can only admire her from below, humble, starry-eyed poet with the desire for that which is most beautiful. And she is most beautiful. All other sleep in winter forests, but she is the one who swims in the sun and doesn't burn up," he said. Cyrus shared a photo of Simpson with the makeup to her Instagram story and wrote, "I.

Simpson shared an Instagram video of the finished look, and Cyrus commented, "Biggest my type ever. The couple teamed up to show off a choreographed dance routine on TikTok. In the video, Cyrus dons a blue string bikini, and Simpson wears swim trunks. Following reports that Cyrus and Simpson had parted ways, the singer got on Instagram Live to confirm the news. Cyrus continued, "For right now, two halves can't make a whole, and we're individually just working on ourselves, becoming the people that we want to be.

Like everybody else at this age, we're just deciding who we want to be with our lives, what we want to do with our lives. The singer, who released "Midnight Sky" the same evening, asked the public to refrain from creating a "drama story" if she and Simpson are spotted spending time together. Just don't make it something that it is not," she wrote. After the release of "Midnight Sky," Simpson congratulated his ex by sharing a photo of them video-chatting on his Instagram story. Go cop that new new! World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Claudia Willen. Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson began dating in October , but they've been close friends for years. From getting matching tattoos to attending family members' weddings together, Cyrus and Simpson's romance seemed to be serious.

In August , Cyrus confirmed that she and Simpson had broken up but remained friends. Visit Insider's home for more stories.

Who is miley cyris dating

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