Stuck in my hotel bored

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Inside: Kids can get easily bored during a hotel or motel stay. Here are 14 ways to entertain kids in a hotel room without screens. And so we traveled as much as we could before we had children. And now we are instilling a love of adventure and learning about new places in our three kids. But at the same time, my kids easily go stir crazy in a small, contained, and confined hotel or motel room. So over the years of holiday travel and family vacations, we have a few go-to activities that we plan to do during our stay to make our hotel time more fun, more entertaining, and less complaint-filled.

Need more convincing on the importance of family travel? Pankaj from Social Kids will help motivate you to plan a trip. Fold a bath towel the long way and turn it into a balance beam. Challenge them to cross it without falling off. Pack dry erase markers and let the kids draw on the mirrors and windows. They can draw, write, draw funny faces on their reflection or play tic tac toe. Bring a few balloons, blow them up, and play volleyball over the gap between the two beds. Use the chairs, tables, trash cans, couch cushions, and towel balance beam to create an obstacle course.

See who can jump, hop, crawl under, and crawl over each obstacle. Then see who can do it the quietest or the fastest, or who can do it backward. For older kids, part of the fun is deing the obstacle course themselves. Bring a hoverball and let the kids play ball in the hotel room without fear of them breaking lamps. Pack your favorite card games from your childhood and teach your kids how to play some classics: Spoons, Uno , and Old Maid are our family favorites.

Our current favorite is Quixx and Zingo. Want even more board game ideas? Kara from Board Games for Learning has a great list of perfect travel size games. Stack the cushions and have a jumping contest. Give out points for style, for height and for sticking the landing. Put a cushion or pillow in the landing spot to soften the landing.

And then our old school games continue with Mom and Dad Marco Polo for a night swim. Throw a dance party and turn up the tunes to a respectable, but fun volume. I let my kids jump on the bed which is a ridiculous, super special treat as they dance to get out their crazies before bedtime. Pack glow sticks. We use them in the pool for diving, for our dance parties, and as night lights at bedtime.

Bring an activity book for each child to work on for quiet morning activities. We have brought sticker books , tracing books , word search books , sudoku books , and step by step how to draw books. Or let them make art. Or make a tic tac toe game grid or a car track for them to play on.

Bring snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. Never underestimate the power of snacks. So easy to do and so much fun. I am saving this post of my future trips with kiddos. I am bored. I am happy now I have answer. Oh my gosh this list is amazing! Thanks for these great ideas. We only had snacks, movies and bed jumping before so its nice to have lottsa great options in our tool box for when my husband and I are tired and out of ideas.

How fun! These are such great ideas!! Thank you for sharing, it was just what I was looking for!! Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My husband and I were raised in families that loved to travel. Comments wow..

Stuck in my hotel bored

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