San Diego County Labor Agreement

We spoke to the construction union early on about the development of elective languages that would benefit the entire sector. The union has turned down this offer, but we again invite enlightened worker leaders to come together and work with us to find a middle ground, where the beneficiaries are the construction workers, who come from all walks of life and are the backbone of our sector. We are here, we listen and we are sitting at the table. There is a better solution than a general project employment contract, where unions are the only winners. The employment contracts are available below in pdf format, visible with (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on the document to open. You can view, print and/or save this file. Indeed, the reversal of Proposition A will hinder very diligent men and women who are currently enrolled in training programs or have graduated, such as. B the employment society training programs offered by the Black Contractors Association of San Diego and other non-union construction training programs. This is achieved by adding a draft contract formulation that eliminates participation in apprenticeships for all apprenticeship programs in the State of California and the federal government, with the exception of apprenticeship positions managed by construction unions. It`s not even fair and open.

To be clear, this is a well-known fact, many large San Diego construction projects have been successfully built without resorting to project work contracts. In the past, union and non-union contractors have worked side by side with a more enlightened union leadership on many high-level construction projects aimed at improving San Diego. Project contracts are prohibited in San Diego, but they should not be. If we follow the recent history of crafts, as in school districts and some regional cities, we will see a phase two that will ultimately replace Proposition A with the requirement that all taxpayer-funded work be carried out under a project work contract favourable to construction unions. Construction leaders are trying to use their considerable political influence to impose the voting measure through legislation, eliminating the need for signatures for such a vote. Public opinion also wanted to prevent politicians from imposing a monopoly through unfair project work contracts, which seem superficially harmless.

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