Nude women Grand Forks

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A woman in Minnesota pushed the limits of what is considered traditional Midwest decency, and she possibly has a valid point. Michelle Bennett was sunbathing on a beach near Duluth and decided to remove her top. Soon, she was asked by another woman — who had children there — to cover up. Police arrived and reminded Bennett the area is not a nude beach. However, be warned: Grand Forks city code bans topless sunbathing in public places. Ambiguous laws are the problem. Most of us around these parts, after all, trace our roots to Scandinavia, where residents take rather progressive views on nudity.

It is not unusual to see a topless woman in places like Norway, Sweden and Denmark because people there simply do not oversexualize above-the-belt body parts. We do sympathize with those who are uncomfortable with public nudity, and especially when children are present.

Most troubling, though, is the prevalence of ambiguous and subjective laws that lead to gray areas and confusion. If topless sunbathing is illegal, firmly declare it in laws and ordinances. Otherwise, allow it — and people uncomfortable with such displays will either have to learn to live with it or go someplace else when it occurs. Trending Articles. New Articles. Government and Politics. Editorials Our view: Gray areas for topless sunbathers.

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Nude women Grand Forks

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Letter from Mayor of Grand Forks to the Attorney General