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Blow jobs, as seen in porn can look dirty, forced and disgusting. But in real, blow jobs can be fun for the receiver as well as the giver. It may be intimidating for a first timer, but once you do it often, you will surely get an idea of how to go about things. For every woman who wishes to please her man, but lacks confidence, here are some tips that will teach you how to give a blow job. The feeling of being in charge is extremely empowering and fantastic.

Before you go to our list of tips and suggestions on how to give a blow job, let us tell you that the first and foremost trick about giving a blow job and still get to enjoy is to not think of it as a duty or obligation. Do it only because you like doing it, it is only then that you can make the whole act of blow job an enjoyable one for both of you. Also Read - Blow job sex positions: 5 hottest blow job positions for an intense oral sex experience! Also Read - Blow job truths every woman should know: 10 facts about blow job that can't be missed! The first and foremost thing to do is get to a comfortable situation.

You do not want to move back and forth in the middle of the act. So pick a position that is the most comfortable for the both of you. Your guy can sit on the edge of the bed or get him to lie down while you can go on your knees and bend to give him a blow job. The best and the most comfortable positions would be the one where he can get to see you since that is a big turn on for several men. You can also give your man a great blow job in front of the mirror if you really want to spice it up. There should be absolutely nothing fast about blow job.

If you want to give your man a great blow job, always keep it slow and smooth. Start by touching his penis with your lips. Kiss his thighs, tummy and also the tip of his penis. Tease him a bit and get him all turned on. Once you are sure that your man is all turned on and then slowly move to the main part. This is how it should be done. Do not rush into things and keep your movements slow and steady. Gagging is not fun and chances are that it will turn you off. Do avoid taking it too deep and trying to make it touch your throat.

It will only make you puke. So avoid and take it in only as much as you can. It is always a good idea to talk about your blow job expectations and wishes. If there are different needs and wants, come to a mutual consent. You can enjoy a good blow job only if you both are comfortable in whatever you are doing.

You also talk about blow job after the act. Tell him what you liked, what turned you on and what made you uncomfortable. Similarly get home to talk about the same. What we mean to say is that, give a break to your mouth and use your hands. When you think your mouth or jaw is aching, stop and use your hands for some time. You can also stop taking it in your mouth and touch the tip of his penis with your lips. A guy can also get highly aroused when you are licking his penis like you are licking an ice cream. This rises up the pleasure and will make him all turned on wanting for more.

If you create a sexy pattern of licking and sucking, it will sustain his and your excitement for a very long time. This is one part about blow job that most people miss out on. The biggest turn on for any man is to see his partner enjoying blow job as much as he is. So show him your excitement and pleasure.

To watch you turned on while doing it is what arouses him. If you do it only for the sake of it, trust us, your man can figure it out and it will not make him happy. Do not underestimate the power of a good and timely moan. When you take his penis inside your mouth, let out occasional moans. This is another way of turning him on and watching him all aroused will add up to your pleasure too. You can also use your breasts to touch his penis.

Take his penis between your breasts and move front and back. Do this every time you give him a blow job and see how much he loves it. This is one of the most sensitive areas of a penis. Point out your tongue and lick it upside down for some time. Do it only because you too enjoy doing it.

Looking for an experienced bj

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Blow job truths every woman should know: 10 facts about blow job that can’t be missed!