I m looking for Bloomington

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You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in producing extraordinary spirits from local ingredients. Meet our crew: get to know the awesome humans that make Cardinal Spirits possible! Hi, Kenzie! Tell us about your role at Cardinal Spirits.

I am a production assistant. I started on the bottling line, but have been a production assistant for a year now. I do a bit of everything throughout the process of producing spirits; I help with fermentations, distillations, blending, bottling production, and of course cleaning every tri-clamp and gasket we own multiple times a day. Where are you from? Where have you lived? I moved to Bloomington for my undergrad and have stayed in the area since.

I have a cute chubby cat named Oliver. He is the sweetest boy and loves a good belly rub. I also live with my partner, Graham, who is finishing up his masters at IU. Tell us about a skill that you have outside of work. This was at Glacier National Park.

Do you have a side hustle? What is it? Camping, hiking, running, and gardening are some of my favorite things. I hope to one day own my own farm! Hiking in Grand Teton National Park. Fun fact, scrambled a mile up to this point and was scared to death, but the view was worth it! Do you have any advice for people who want to make better drinks at home?

I found a website called cocktailbuilder. What would surprise people about the work you do at Cardinal? I think some people are surprised when I talk about dumping barrels and how much hard work goes into it. It is an exhausting process. At home I drink it black, but if I am out I order a dirty chai. Do you have any morning or end-of-day rituals you'd like to share?

Can you recommend a podcast, movie, book, TV show, album, subscription, etc. My favorite podcast right now is Science Vs. A peanut butter fold over one piece of bread, PB, fold it over — quick, easy, tasty. Classic ketchup, always has been and always will be. Want to give a shout-out to anyone? Thanks, Kenzie! We are so lucky to have you on our team! Hi, Jason! Tell us about your role as merchandiser at Cardinal Spirits. I see every Big Red Liquors store in the state and make sure our displays are well stocked and looking snazzy. From Palmyra, Indiana, then moved to New Albany.

After that I met a rad person and we moved to Bloomington so she could go to grad school and we just stayed in the area. When the Birdhouse was open for dine-in, I really enjoyed the Bramble Screwdriver. Thanks, Jason! Meet our crew: get to know the awesome bears that make Cardinal Spirits possible!

Chief Morale Officer at Cardinal Spirits. Hi, Bearmy! Or, you need a bear hug. I spend a lot of time looking out the window at Cardinal Spirits, quietly reminding folks to shop small and mask up. Sleeping for months at a time and stealing picnic baskets.

What's your favorite Cardinal Spirits product? Honey Schnapps! Too on the nose? Grizzly Man. Charmin commercials are my guilty pleasure. Shout out to Dolly the Mash Tun, she's always got my back. Thanks, Bearmy! Hi, Renne! I'll have been at Cardinal for 2 years at the end of this month! Prior to the pandemic, I floor managed and also planned any in-house events we had. I worked almost every Tiki Tuesday and brunch service for about a year and hosted special nights like Halloween and NYE.

I have more of a project coordinator role now and help our kitchen, bar, and production teams get their creations to our customers. I moved to Bloomington in to go to IU and stayed for my graduate program as well. I lived and worked in Taiwan in Taipei in and then started working at Cardinal when I moved back to Bloomington. I can speak and read Chinese. I de and screen-print T-shirts to generate donations to charity — which I sell off of my website www. I used to print them myself but have recently started printing with my friend Kaira who runs Black Ink Press in Denver. Renne had the winning de for our T-shirt de contest among staff here at Cardinal.

T-shirts are sold here. Spirit: Creekbend Brandy is my favorite spirit we make — I like to drink it neat. Cocktail: Goody 2 Shoes — a kiwi-sesame-gin drink that our bar manager Maria Konermann had on our menu when I first started.

Now I eat our Prime Rib Sandwich at least once a week and am always looking forward to when we photograph our Weekend Specials because I can usually sneak a taste. Any favorite places on the Internet? Probably YouTube. I watch a lot of comedy specials, DIY tutorials and live music performances.

Also the comments are always a goldmine on YouTube videos. Le Guin, Transmetropolitan comic series by Warren Ellis. Thanks, Renne! I'm the Executive Chef! I create all the menu concepts, items, and weekend specials fun stuff! Olivia a. Fun Fact: She was given to me as a tip when I was helping run a pizza shop! Doing home-brew beers! Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to brew one in about 3 years due to space and temperature issues at my current house, but it always crosses my mind when I'm not busy with work. Yes, I do pop-up events whenever I can. They allow me to try out menu items that either wouldn't necessarily work in a regular service setting or within the current menu I'm running.

I also do local interviews with service industry folks for a local podcast named No Dishes! Our goal is to help people get to know our local service industry with in-depth conversations that include local business owners, managers, servers, cooks, etc. I specifically run the "Shift Change" portion of No Dishes, check it out, like and subscribe!

I would have to go with our Terra Gin. This spirit and its botanical blend helped bring me back from a mental state of mind that always said, "I hate gin. That's tough I'd say my usual "hydration station" looks like, water, beer, bubbles, and mezcal. Go big or go home. And for food, if I'm not trying other local chef's food, comfort food all the way! Do you have any advice for people who want to make better food at home?

I m looking for Bloomington

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