Have sex in Knoxville

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Submit a Link ». Try -Free Fark. Forgot password? Mobile Search:. If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the . Oldest « 1 2 » Newest Show all. The Smoking Gun is there? Well duh You've gotta smile with yer o'face or it screws up the whole money shot.

I might be moving to Knoxville next year. Any farkers live there? How is it? I have family that lives in the area and visit annually. The city is a city, but it's got the best wilderness ever. The countryside looks like a farking postcard in every direction. I hear you want to avoid sex in the parks unless you smile, though. Disney monitors sex-act cameras in Knoxville. I always do, friend.

I always do. Further validates my theory that most cops are lonely perverted stalkers Is it any wonder that a person with the last name Disney that's not close enough to Walt to make any money from it would end up being a cop? Imagine the shiat that guy got in school. Her last name is Spitzer? It's too late in the evening for me to come up with any clever witicisms.

Help me out!! Reno I think the city may be on to something. Real world television? Maybe streaming internet video. They could sell the rights to FOX. Sthufferin' Sthuchatashth! Farker ZekeMacNeil will be so proud of his town. Hmmm, note to self Girlfriend's idea for this weekend no good. Knoxville's not too bad a town if you can put up with the traffic on Saturdays or any day of the week for that matter. I think that it's a wierd scenario Who in their right farking mind goes to the park for a picnic at midnight?

Get a hotel room, you farking savages. Or find another park. I can appreciate outdoor boot knocking dating myself with the next dude but come on. And watch out for those Masturbating Zombies That's a long sentence. When you've got it on video it's hard to deny it," let's hope so, wouldn't be very good if something wasn't hard. As if anyone having sex in a park is going to be frowning.

Well maybe if they are being forced into it they would frown. We should arrest 'em. All those poor exhibitionists will be crushed when they have to play those videos in court. What's the punishment for this crime anyway? Are things that slow in TN? What I would like to know is if consensual sp adult activity is taking place when no children are about middle of the night then who is being harmed? This sounds like more puritanical bull biscuits from the same crowd that keeps saying that a t is the destruction of western civilization.

Just how much are we willing to be policed before we take back our freedom? It's Bush's fault. So, wouldn't these tapes be public record? If so, obtain legal copies and start a business named "Park Whores Gone Wild I agree with autopsybeverage. Who goes to have a picnic at midnight? And what's more, who goes out into the bushes in a park in the middle of the night, and then complains that someone is having sex there?

I think they're just pissed that some randy couple beat them to the spot. You know, the one THEY cleared off so they could be sure that they wouldn't roll over on the smooth end of a pinecone. Uumellmahaye - Yeah for not covering the camera trained on the 'nature lovers'. We're trying to keep that from happening. Yes they do. Two things:1 if they arrested 5 men and one woman, who were the other 4 men having sex with.

Possible explanations for the ratio of men:women a gay - been mentioned already b one woman soliciting sex in the park, had 5 partners at various times c selective enforcement - only calling in the men - could be various reasons for this.

HalloweenJack: "Knoxville farkers: is there an election coming up this fall down there? Thank God for term limits - no matter who wins, Knoxville gets a new mayor. But stuff like this is old news. Guys have been getting busted in parks all over town since I was a kid. If you don't know about Fort Dickerson or the Pickle Park, well then you probably deserve what you get.

Of course they're homosexuals. Men like to have sex with each other in public parks and bathrooms. I don't understand it myself, but hey. But being homosexual means they have more rights than everyone else. They should only have to follow the laws they want to follow. Speaking of sex and parks I know it premiered at a film festival last year, but as far as I know it hasn't hit mainstream distribution yet because of obvious censorship issues. Can anyone enlighten me? If I were this dude, a public figure with an image to protect, I'd be kinda pissed to have my face pasted up right next to a video of two guys doin' it: [image from wbir.

There are parks around here that you can't take kids to for just this reason. Yeah, it's almost all guys. Snoop Doggy Dogg's new video "Guys gone wild" in public parks. Not available in stores. Call mayor of Nashville with your credit card and get free shipping. No Catchy Nickname. So families can "enjoy each other" in Knoxsville parks but gay men can't?

Mr White. Something about that arrest video looks familiar. Holy FARK, I live in Knoxville, and yes Ft Dickerson is the biggest Gay hangout in town, in fact, they considered closing it to the public a few years back, even funnier the city recently put up a park on the site of the 82 Worlds Fair, all that remains of the Fair site is the Sunsphere, and the amphitheatre that looks like a giant WonderBra well in this little park, they put a splash fountain, and they had to turn it off because the Hobos were bathing in it.

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Don't hate us because we're happy happy joy joy theguardian. The meat is currently curing. To finish should I make it traditionally or go the sous vide que route? Next time you want to have sex in a city park in Knoxville, TN, be sure to smile for the cameras wbir. More: PSA. Report If you like these links, you'll love Come check out what's behind the curtain.

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Have sex in Knoxville

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