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Im in Germany for a year now. I had C1 classes already, but I havent learnt useful inbed vocab. I dont have that many good friends, and the ones I have are not that sexual experienced. What I would really like to learn is how people hear what. In english for example: I want to sleep with you : Neutral, general euphorism for "i want to have sex with you". I want to make love with you: It's in the romantic side. Not a one night stand thing. It has the word Love in it. I want to fuck you: Aggresiv, could be a turn on if used correctly in the right circunstance.

I want to bang you: banging, like fucking, is vulgar, more slangish, could be used in bed if the girl is really into this kinda thing. Gotta be careful with. And etc.. Da fehlt ein Punkt zwischen "Aller" und "Zeiten" :-P. From an earlier post :. For jerking off I'd add "sich einen runter holen". Oh, and also maybe to give him a handjob - ihm einen runter holen. Blowjob seems to have been pretty much eingedeutscht. Well, the best thing to do is to get a native in bed and teach each other the words. The connotations are roughly the same as in English.

This one sounds very aggressive. Here I can't offer a translation. The nearest word would be "knallen", but "Ich will dich knallen" is rather awkward. There are a few dozen possible verbs here, but their usage and connotations aren't as clear. Google should help. I learned a lot of interesting words there. You'll find plenty of innuendos and sexual colloquialisms. Ninja edit: or just listen to Rein, Raus by Rammstein.

Found the internet! Help with german Sex vocabulary. Posted by 7 years ago. Could anybody help me? Sort by: best. Aller Zeiten. Vielen Dank! Continue this thread. I want to fuck you "Ich will dich ficken. I want to bang you Here I can't offer a translation. I applaud your ambition and confidence. More posts from the German community. Created Dec 19, Top posts september 21st Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

Germany tonight sex

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