Eagerly waiting for 1st time

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Sentences would be pretty dull without modifiers to provide excitement and intrigue. Modifiers dress up otherwise plain sentiments. When they stray too far, they become misplaced modifiers. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Eagerly Eagerly sentence example eagerly. The crowd moved eagerly from the balcony toward the porch. The next moment two bees flew eagerly in. This idea was eagerly received. She turned, eagerly absorbing his information.

The whole household, as if to atone for not having done it sooner, set eagerly to work at the new task of placing the wounded in the carts. She rolled over to face him, sliding eagerly into his embrace. But the eagerly anticipated package was a gross disappointment. She put down the geometry book and eagerly broke the seal of her letter. Her tiny fingernails dug into his hand as she eagerly nursed. Pierre kept saying as he leaned toward her with his whole body and eagerly listened to her story.

Her dark eyes fixed on Carmen, eagerly waiting for the rest of the story. The next morning, after Cade left, she threw a roast in the oven and eagerly set to work on the family room. The latter invited him to accompany him to Switzerland and Italy, a proposal which he eagerly accepted for the sake of the opportunity of furthering his studies in the fine arts. He drank it eagerly , looking with feverish eyes at the door in front of him as if trying to understand and remember something.

His fingers dug into her breast as he eagerly nursed. One day spent with the blind children made me feel thoroughly at home in my new environment, and I looked eagerly from one pleasant experience to another as the days flew swiftly by. I wonder if she remembers how eagerly and gladly they spread their wings and flew away. Belliard began talking loudly and eagerly to the generals of the suite around him. In spite of his nearly useless arm, he eagerly helped with the chores.

She dropped the package on the bed and eagerly tore back the brown paper wrapping. The energies flowing around her responded eagerly , and she molded and released them. Taran threw himself into the fight eagerly and was pleased when Allin ed him at his side. I thought then that I was "making up a story," as children say, and I eagerly sat down to write it before the ideas should slip from me.

The discoveries of Columbus awakened a spirit of enterprise in Spain which continued in full force for a century; adventurers flocked eagerly across the Atlantic, and discovery followed Sp aniards discovery in rapid succession. Here I opened the bag, and she went through it eagerly , probably expecting to find something to eat. They sat in a heavy flat-bottomed boat, each holding a long, crooked rod in his hands and eagerly waiting for "a bite.

Both were talking and listening too eagerly and too naturally, which was why Anna Pavlovna disapproved. Wherever we go, she asks eagerly for the names of things she has not learned at home. But it was eagerly taken up by the antiGustavian press, and popular suspicion was especially aroused by a fable called "The Foxes" directed against the Fersens, which appeared in Nya Posten.

Everyone waited, so emphatically and eagerly did he demand their attention to his story. The officers said that either Napoleon or Murat was there, and they all gazed eagerly at this little group of horsemen. Grabbing an armful of the hay they had packed around the supplies in each wagon, she dropped it on the sand and the mules eagerly began devouring it.

But it makes some difference to the future of a democratic state whether its leading men are eagerly on the look-out for something to revolutionize, or approach a constitutional change by the gradual processes of conviction and conversion. The post of representative, and still more that of priest, was eagerly coveted and provided a scope for the ambitions which despotism usually crushes. His miracles were reported and eagerly believed everywhere; " from Poland, Hamburg and Amsterdam treasures poured into his court; in the Levant young men and maidens prophesied before him; the Persian Jews refused to till the fields.

When three years old he read eagerly such works as Rapin's History and began the study of Latin. Jews seem to have entered eagerly into the larger intellectual life of the last three centuries before the beginning of our era. To many it has seemed a curious freak of Bruno's that he should have so eagerly adopted a view of thought like that of Lull, but in reality it is in strict accordance with the principles of his philosophy.

The Rostovs' footman rushed eagerly forward to help him off with his cloak and take his hat and stick. And not only was Napoleon not afraid to extend his line, but he welcomed every step forward as a triumph and did not seek battle as eagerly as in former campaigns, but very lazily. Several people came round the corner talking eagerly.

Standing among the crowd of peasants, Pierre recognized several acquaintances among these notables, but did not look at them--his whole attention was absorbed in watching the serious expression on the faces of the crowd of soldiers and militiamen who were all gazing eagerly at the icon. Around him, eagerly listening to his talk, a crowd of wounded and stretcher-bearers was gathered. You won't feel the urge to step in on all the decision making if it's being done as part of a package while you're just eagerly awaiting the big day in another country.

She eagerly informed the pair how she planned to attend tomorrow's ice festival activities, in search of first hand research for what was sure to be a winning chapter. She eagerly latched on to his comment, hoping to divert her own mind to something less disturbing. The reforms which it was to bring about were eagerly and impatiently demanded by the public. This great operation had to be effected without interrupting the public service, and the department had immediately to reduce and to simplify the charges for transmission throughout the kingdom.

Immured in his castle at Pavia, accumulating wealth by systematic taxation and methodical economy, he organized the mercenary troops who eagerly took service under so good a paymaster; and, by directing their operations from his cabinet, he threatened the whole of Italy with conquest. In particular, they eagerly accepted the worship of "Augustus and Rome," devised by the first emperor as a bond of state religion connecting the provinces with Rome. That coat-armour has been lavishly granted and often assumed without right, that the word "gentleman" has acquired various secondary senses, proves nothing; that is the natural result of a state of things in which the status of gentry carries with it no legal advantage, and yet is eagerly sought after on social grounds.

Accepting the Jewish apocalypses as sacred books of venerable antiquity, they read them eagerly , and transferred their contents bodily to Christianity. The suffering Magyar multitudes eagerly responded to these seductive teachings, and the result was a series of dangerous popular risings the worst in and in which heresy and communism were inextricably intermingled.

Although himself a stranger to letters he welcomed scholars to his court and eagerly seconded the efforts of his brother Bruno to encourage learning; and while he neither feared nor shirked battle, he was always ready to secure his ends by peaceable means. The idea of securing the Protestant succession by legitimizing Monmouth again took shape and was eagerly pressed on by Shaftesbury; at the time it seemed possible that success would wait on the audacity.

Ozma was delighted and exclaimed, eagerly :. Discouragement and weariness cast me down frequently; but the next moment the thought that I should soon be at home and show my loved ones what I had accomplished, spurred me on, and I eagerly looked forward to their pleasure in my achievement. There was now no one in the reception room except Prince Vasili and the eldest princess, who were sitting under the portrait of Catherine the Great and talking eagerly.

On the day of battle the soldiers excitedly try to get beyond the interests of their regiment, they listen intently, look about, and eagerly ask concerning what is going on around them. As usual, he ate and drank much, and eagerly. After listening a few moments in silence, the count and his attendant convinced themselves that the hounds had separated into two packs: the sound of the larger pack, eagerly giving tongue, began to die away in the distance, the other pack rushed by the wood past the count, and it was with this that Daniel's voice was heard calling ulyulyu.

He was now concerned only with the nearest practical matters unrelated to his past interests, and he seized on these the more eagerly the more those past interests were closed to him. Mademoiselle Bourienne jumped up eagerly. The progress of the war was eagerly followed, and only the reports most flattering to our army were circulated.

And so Eleanor 's bosom became tranquil, and she set about her new duties eagerly and gratefully. A Visa Gift Purchasing Card is a prepaid card which most recipients will eagerly welcome. I eagerly anticipated its arrival and when it finally did arrive, I was not disappointed. Children who celebrate Christmas eagerly await this holiday every year.

They quote their favorite lines from Homestar Runner and Happy Tree Friends while eagerly awaiting the next installment. While there are few organized activities, one treat many passengers eagerly anticipate is a round of silly beach games when the ship visits outlaying islands. Cappy not to mention my other dogs Senny and Little Man , my friends and family wait eagerly for them. Players eagerly pumped quarters and stared in awe at the lush graphics available only on these machines.

From the mid 's to the mid 's, arcade video games were at their peak. While gamers sit eagerly in their rooms making space for the gaming beast, retail stores around the country get ready for the boom. Our very own Gregory Thompson happens to work in the electronics department of a retail store. The value will be much less than a more common item that is eagerly sought by collectors. Games like the Civil War chess set are eagerly sought after for their beauty and fine craftsmanship. Likewise a book that has been unavailable will be eagerly sought after on the open market.

If you still have the iPhone 3G and you're eagerly awaiting the new iPhone 4G, have a look at the iPhone 3G S to see if the differences are enough to make you want an upgrade. Thirst is increased: an older child asks for water, and a younger child drinks eagerly when offered a cup or spoon of water.

Two of the following symptoms usually indicate some degree of dehydration: drinks eagerly , thirsty, restless, irritable, sunken eyes, or skin pinch goes back slowly. Many genealogists using Apple products eagerly awaited the release of Family Tree Maker Mac at the end of Once you have a realistic idea of styles that will benefit your hair type, you can eagerly look forward to many great hair days. Find a lender that is willing to walk you through the process and eagerly assist you with any questions or concerns you have regarding purchasing a mobile home.

Family members and close friends of the couple are eagerly awaiting the baby's arrival. Women waiting for the arrival of a new baby eagerly await the s of impending labor. Virgo brings this element to Pisces and can assist her in creating the kind of life she wants; one she'll eagerly share with Virgo.

This time she responded passionately, returning his kiss eagerly. The old man read them eagerly. Her arms slid around his neck of their own volition and she eagerly returned his kiss. In Voltaire came to reside at Lausanne; and although he took but little notice of the young Englishman of twenty, who eagerly sought and easily obtained an introduction, the establishment of the theatre at Monrepos, where the brilliant versifier himself declaimed before select audiences his own productions on the stage, had no small influence in fortifying Gibbon's taste for the French theatre, and in at the same time abating that "idolatry for the gigantic genius of Shakespeare which is inculcated from our infancy as the first duty of an Englishman.

The death of Titus, if not hastened by foul means, was at least eagerly welcomed by his brother. As they were not a hereditary caste and enjoyed exemption from service in the field as well as from payment of taxes, admission to the order was eagerly sought after by the youth of Gaul. Still he held on, making a national struggle in the national legislature, and relying very little upon the rights of States so eagerly grasped by Jefferson and Madison.

As heiress of the rich Burgundian domains her hand was eagerly sought by a of princes. When Lord Raglan definitely asked him for support, he gave it willingly and eagerly , sending his troops up at the double, and it must be remembered that several British divisions took no part in the action for the same reason that actuated Bosquet.

As king of the Jews B. Herod was completely subject and eagerly subservient to his Roman masters. The chief objection to enforced labour has been the difficulty in ensuring this; but the convict nowadays eagerly tries his best, because only thus can he win privileges while in prison and an earlier release from it.

Basra was at that time full of fugitives from Kufa, Arabian chiefs who resented the arrogance of Mokhtar's adherents, and desired eagerly to regain their former position in Kufa. Hajjaj foreboded evil, and prayed eagerly that he might die before Walid.

Eagerly waiting for 1st time

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I am eager to meet you. vs I am eagerly waiting to meet you.