Cheating wives Vernon

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But what did Vernon Kay actually do in for people to call him a cheater? Did Vernon Kay cheat on Tess Daly? Who is Rhian Sugden and what did Vernon do with her? If Vernon Kay can cheat on the gorgeous Tess, what hope the rest of us? Why can't men see these predators are making a 'career' out of it?! In Vernon was exposed for sending sexual text messages to glamour model Rhian Sugden. He messaged her every day for four months after meeting her at a Bolton nightclub.

At the time, Vernon was a very popular radio and television personality, and he took to the radio to make a public apology to Tess live on air. Discount on my OnlyFans today. It was just flirty, sex chat and a few nights out together. It ruined everything for me.

I felt like I was going up and up with my career and then that came along. It still makes me feel sick. Messages to Rhian included:. Who has an apartment? What did Vernon Kay do in for people to call him a cheater? Harry Ainsworth. Too glam to give a damn! How much of your student loan are you really going to spend this term? These 31 Squid Game memes are so good they deserve the Disabled student forced to miss one of her first in-person classes because of a broken lift Greg Barradale.

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Cheating wives Vernon

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Vernon Kay's affair: Where is Rhian Sudgen now and what is the scandal behind them?