Bored need new text kik snapchat friends

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This post originally appeared on Single Grain , a growth marketing agency focused on scaling customer acquisition. Snapchat, the instant-photo sharing site, connects people through the picture-based stories that unfold on their mobile devices. Lately, Snapchat has evolved from a teenage phenomenon to a social media platform with great reach into the young adult demographic. In the case of Snapchat, that means your friend list. Now, all of us have friends at least, I hope you do! That includes customers, potential customers, and anyone else who might want to do business with your brand.

The following methods, techniques and tools will help you add more Snapchat friends to your connections. And the more connections you have, the more likely it is that your content goes viral. Free Bonus Download. The site will ask your permission before proceeding to connect you with any friends who are already on Snapchat. If you open the Snapchat app on your camera, go to the screen where you take a picture.

At the top is the Snapchat icon and clicking the icon will take you to another screen that enables you to add the white or yellow ghost to a colored box. This image differs for every user, so you can think of it as your unique fingerprint on the site. Share this image on your website, Facebook profile or wherever else you share pictures. If others hover their phones over it, they can connect with you via Snapchat. You can also share your Snapchat icon in person. Just hold out your phone and have others swipe the image with their camera.

AddMe is another app that lets you add both Kik and Snapchat friends. These apps make it easy to find new connections on the sites. You can also add your Snapchat name to your Instagram bio. A direct link will make it easy for people to connect with you on both sites. Unique deals and incentives that are offered only through Snapchat and are unavailable on other platforms is a good way to generate some buzz and interest.

Keeping it exclusive encourages people to up and follow you on the site. The site sets the limit at 3, 5 or 7. Set it for the maximum to see the most people and develop friendships with their friends, too. That means learning how to be a good Snapchat friend. If, despite your best efforts, you end up with some unsavory characters who send you random videos and you want to block them from Snapchat, you can do it from the app. Open the Snapchat app, click the gear icon, and find the name of the person annoying you. You can then choose either Block or Delete to keep control over your friend feed.

Advertisers will be able to choose the actions that users take when they see their , and Snapchat users will see on the site. Snapchat Partners, or companies who advertise on Snapchat, will also benefit from a new app that makes it easier to run and manage Snapchat ad campaigns on the site. With Snapchat snapping at the heels of rival Instagram, finding new Snapchat friends is an important task for anyone serious about using the site for marketing purposes. If your customer base includes young adults and Millennials, finding and making new Snapchat friends, using the site in a way they like, and leveraging advertising are all part of the total package that will make you a Snapchat superstar.

What other tips would you add to this list when it comes to making new Snapchat friends? Leave me your suggestions by dropping a comment below:. Images: Snapchat , usdemocrazy. Post. Next Post. .

Bored need new text kik snapchat friends

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