Blow for married guy

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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Missapple Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. HikerVeg Send a private message. If you want a man to not act "funny" after a blow job, try sucking off men who are not married or your coworker. Are you really oblivious to tbe fact that he is cheating on his spouse with you, and he is never going to treat you like a regular person? Missapple84 Send a private message.

HikerVeg : Yeah he's was my friend before he was married and a co-worker I do t want to get with him I know it's just a bit of funny he dose other stuff like swinging etc.. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Missapple84 : Well It is pretty obvious that is the reason why he acts different.

Have you asked his wife what she thinks? I am sure she will have a valuable perspective to offer. Flumoxed Send a private message. Missapple84 : Brahahahaha! Hierophant Send a private message. Really now? Hierophant : We currently work together he's on the same team as me and flirts with me but discreetly he add me and block me on snap chat all the time I suck him off then he gose all weird like don't let me touch him in the office like a week ago I went to his was there a few hours sucking off etc and then he came back to work and is being funny with me keep moving away from me when I try to touch him or if we're along he won't pay me eye contact George Send a private message.

You're so fvcking stupid. I'm sorry I had to say that. ShogunBigguns Send a private message. George : True dat!! But this makes for great office drama when it goes sideways. Don't you think. I know reading this question has brightened my rain soaked Saturday. I have witnessed a couple of classic meltdowns caused by similar situations. Drago Send a private message. Do you give BJ's to all married men t work? If so I am in Leds Leeds. Dusphoros Send a private message.

The reason he acts funny around people amd treats you like shit when in public is because a simple thing could give it all away. People are smart, even if people see that you 2 talk alot thats enough to get people suspicious about you 2.

Sooooo in order to be as careful as possible he tries to pretend you mean nothing to him when you guys are around people,you going up to him and arrousing him at work or making it seem obvious you guys are fucking can ruin his life and reputation so yes, of course hes gonna act funny. That being said the only time he really cares about you is when you're sucking his cock, i recommend you to stop talking to him and sucking him off.

If you do stop talking to him he will most likely come runing back to your arms for more blow jobs, turn him down, find yourself a man who isnt married and that will show you love both in bed and in public. Dusphoros : while married men are a lot of fun to blow and suck Your gonna destroy this dudes family. You shouldnt be worried about him being "funny" or not, you should be worried about his wife and her shotgun to your face when she finds out. He isn't. He is married. You guys are co-workers. Other co-workers probably know his wife AND you wonder why he wants to keep it discreet.

Integrity was lost long before his cock entered your mouth. He understands that the "cost of divorce" for outweighs the "dick sucking" you provide. I see three options for you: 1. Call it off and stop being the office glory hole before your rep is shot and you are known for your efficiency at swallowing cock instead of your effectiveness at closing the sale OR 3.

BTW the female in office sexual encounters are usually the ones that are the losers in the long run. There isn't an Out-of-Network provider you can go to? If not you can find one on Craigslist, Back, your local watering hole, church, grocery store Hell, willing wieners are everywhere. I suggest you get some business cards Vista Print has outstanding deals advertising your service and hand them out. BigSexy Send a private message. Kingslayer Send a private message. What a great team player you are lol! I know a lot of people that would love to get blowjobs at work.

Every guy makes all kinds of funny faces and noises when we get our cocks sucked. Are you just sucking his cock at work and not alone? Missapple84 : He doesn't want the rest of your co-workers to know about you two. You are his dirty lil secret and he wants to keep it that way.

Come on now, how do you not realize that? Missapple84 : He is funny when he has an audience, He does not touch you in front of other people because he is married and does not want his affair with you to be public knowledge. Hierophant : I'm partly blond maybe I'm reading to much into I asked him is he going off me he's lie never but still pushes me away we talk about stuff that I test us both like books and tattoos etc I asked him if we could be alone together this weekend he like I'll see so it makes me think he's giving me mix als I understand that I try to be decreet on that note but I knew him prior to this job to and we have greater banter Pleasure and work never ends well.

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Blow for married guy

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