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The beautiful island is packed full of culture, history, architecture and fun. Plus, there are the infamous pink sandy beaches and picturesque views wherever you look. This helpful is packed with plenty of information to make sure life in Bermuda is enjoyed as it should be. Many assume that Bermuda is part of the Caribbean islands. However, Bermuda is an island in the North Atlantic. Bermuda is a cluster of mostly-interconnected small islands and is a vacation destination that has become a second-home for many on the east coast of North America.

For more information and other FAQs answered about the island, find them here. You can decide when is the ideal time for you and your family to visit by looking at this blog. However, the best time to vacation on the island is quite subjective. So regardless of when you jet off to the island, there will be an activity that appeals to everyone. But how much does a flight cost to Bermuda to experience it all? From historic oceanfront resorts to intimate Airbnb cottages tucked into the hillsides, Bermuda offers many idyllic choices for accommodation.

The island is small only 21 square miles in area , so neighboring parishes often have common advantages such as proximity to beaches and other attractions. If you want a hotel close to a beach, then you should ideally choose a parish like t, Warwick or Southampton as your location of stay.

They have beautiful beaches running along the south shore and there are several hotels that take advantage of the amazing pink sands and turquoise water. Some even have their own private beaches. There are over 50 hotel properties available in Bermuda, each with quality service and amenities to enjoy. We highly recommend staying in the new Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton hotel on the island when it opens at the end of Hilton is a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio comprising of nearly 5, properties and , rooms in countries and territories.

Recently, they announced a vibrant addition to their ever-growing hotel offering. It offers a unique, vacation-condo experience with all the benefits of the Hilton Honors loyalty program. You can learn more about the new development here. The hotel will also offer beautiful outdoor space, perfect for weddings, flexible indoor space for meetings and private gatherings. Bermuda is split into nine parishes, each with its own charm and character.

This is a quiet parish that offers tranquil scenery and opportunities to explore - a must-visit for any nature lover. Less popular with tourists, Devonshire is ideal if you want a relaxed day out. Visit Devonshire Bay and enjoy the beautiful beach and parkland. Hamilton parish is still a fantastic place to visit, especially down by the water. The deepwater limestone caves and subterranean passages are incredible sights that have to be seen to be truly appreciated. Located in the center of Bermuda, the north shore of t overlooks the stunning Hamilton harbor.

There is also a wonderful walking trail through t, which connects to most of the Western end of the island. Situated on Bermuda's old railway trail, if you enjoy walking this is a wonderful day out. Confusingly for some tourists, this parish is home to the capital city of Bermuda, Hamilton. Within the parish of St. George is the town that shares the same name.

Fort St. If you want to escape the popular tourist spots, then visit Hog Bay Beach. This parish is made up of vast farmlands and beautiful shorelines. This parish is often the one that visitors head straight to when they arrive. This is by far the most popular beach in Bermuda and indeed one of the best. Its deep blue waters and pink sand are an absolute must-see for anyone coming to Bermuda. Horseshoe Bay Beach can be very very crowded when the cruise ships are in, as it has lots of fantastic amenities and a restaurant.

If you like the quieter, more secluded type of beach, you only have to go within a mile further down to coast in either direction to find several. Warwick parish offers beautiful architecture and vibrant nature reserves. You can learn more about them here. From renowned top quality golf courses to a vibrant nightlife scene, Bermuda has so much to offer when it comes to finding things to do.

The indoor market is the perfect place to find handmade, Bermuda-style candles, sculptures, jewelry, ornaments, cards and more. Many local vendors come out to sell their wares at Harbour Nights, which takes place in Hamilton on Wednesday evenings over the summer months.

Most Bermudians have pastimes that revolve around sport. From activities to do in Bermuda with the kids to affordable things to do on a budget. You can explore them here. There are more than 30 sandy beaches and coves in Bermuda that are just waiting to be explored. Although all of them are spectacularly beautiful, some are better for families while others are the best for snorkeling.

Bermuda Day, for example, takes place in May. This is when most locals take their first dip in the sea and parades go on through the night to welcome the coming of summer. This is just a slice of what you can experience on the island. For more information, you can bookmark these useful websites.

Currently, well over , people visit Bermuda each year - 10 times the resident population! As soon as they could cobble some new ships together, they left. Following this, there were only three people that stayed behind in Bermuda. That was until when a ship called the Plough arrived with the intention of settling here. Within three years, Bermuda became a British territory and remains one to this day. You can dive into the history of Bermuda with this blog and learn all about the interesting past of the island.

Forts, historic homes and churches, British influence is prevalent here in Bermuda. As visitors explore the island, they will view interesting feats of architecture and stand in sites of historical ificance.

Catherine — St. The site of the first building in Bermuda, since it has been rebuilt and extended many times in the late 19th century. A beautiful Neo-Gothic building, construction was started in and was finally completed in Old State House — St. The old parliament building of Bermuda, it was constructed in and was the first stone building in Bermuda after fortifications.

Sessions House — Hamilton. A large parliament building that was constructed in in Neo-Renaissance style. The magnificent clock tower was added in David's Lighthouse. Still standing tall and lighting the way for sailors who navigate the waters off the coast of Bermuda, St.

David's Lighthouse has been around for well over years. To explore more of these famous Bermudian landmarks, bookmark this . Here are some other locations similar to the island of Bermuda. North of the Dominican Republic lies a jewel of a destination that is Turks and Caicos. Home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world and truest, blue ocean you can find, this place will blow your mind.

Grand Cayman is the larger of the three islands and is where the capital, Georgetown, is situated. With crystal clear, sapphire blue water everywhere, the Exumas are unbelievably dreamy. Beaches and islands fit for the richest of royalty will make you fall in love with this beautiful part of the Bahamas.. The rich cultures of all these places might have some similarities - beautiful beaches and welcoming locals - but there are major differences which make them all individual.

It all depends on what kind of experience you prefer in getting away and releasing stress. However, you can experience all of this and so much more on the beautiful island of Bermuda. You can discover more here. Although you now know just some of the many amazing things to do in Bermuda, why not go ahead and find out more? From foodies to thrill-seekers, below you'll find the ultimate list of things to do in beautiful Bermuda. We created help guides for first-time visitors to Bermuda and seasoned visitors alike. Bermuda is undoubtedly a destination of luxury. From its multiple spas and resorts to the lifestyle many locals and visitors enjoy, Bermuda can be described as high-end in many ways.

Sport, in particular, is a large pastime and affluent sports such as golf, tennis and sailing are very popular. Bermuda has eight golf courses, the highest concentration of courses in the world for such a small country.

Do you love golf as much as Bermudians do? Pack up your polo shirts and take a look at our run-down of the best Bermuda golf courses to try when you visit the island on your next vacation. Bermuda is credited as introducing tennis to America.

She picked the sport up in after a trip to the country and introduced it to the States. Many hotels and resorts also have courts on-site for their guests. Discover more about sports in Bermuda, including the top venues and facilities, on our dedicated sports . With its mixture of great water conditions and ideal year-round weather, Bermuda has become a hub for sailboat racing and yachting, hosting many competitions that attract participants and audiences internationally. Find out how to get involved in the top sports in the country here. Its national dishes are all based around seafood - such as fish chowder.

Are you visiting Bermuda later in the year? Take a look at this list of foodie things to do when visiting Bermuda in September. A Bermudian classic, you can find the fish sandwich in most eateries, bistros, cafes and food trucks around the island. Although every place that serves the dish has its own take on the delicious fish sandwich, they mostly consist of deep-fried fish fillets and tangy tartar sauce on whole-wheat or raisin bread. Cocktail lovers will probably have already had a Rum Swizzle or two.

A Bermuda pub is credited as having created the modern Rum Swizzle recipe as far back as the early s. Almost every bar, restaurant or pub serves this Bermudian staple drink. However, the cocktail is most associated with the Swizzle Inn. Treat yourself to a more refined seafood experience in Bermuda with spiny lobster. Spiny lobster season runs from September to March when almost every restaurant on the island will feature the local favorite on their menus. Unlike its relative the Maine lobster, spiny lobsters have no claws and a harder shell. The majority of its succulent meat is found in the tail, legs and antenna and it is usually served with hot melted butter, lemon, crabmeat stuffing or as part of a pasta dish.

Check out these 11 must-eat Bermuda eateries popular with locals. Get an authentic taste of Bermuda and treat your tastebuds to a fantastic new culinary experience. Our dedicated cuisine profile is on hand to help you uncover the best local dishes and the top eateries and restaurants to try them at.

Take your relaxing vacation to a new level of wellness. Unwind and be pampered in the magical subterranean natural crystal cave spa. Treat yourself to a professional spa session in this hidden glimmering sanctuary. Allow the natural healing benefits of the sea lake to wash away any tension or stress in your body and mind. Nurture your mind as well as your body for the ultimate Bermudian wellness experience. Take a look at our ultimate list of mindful things to do when visiting Bermuda in August. The lush and well-groomed Bermuda Botanical Gardens make for a picturesque picnic setting.

Or you can explore the wilder side of Bermuda and head to the Arboretum where nature takes over the leafy trails and ornate bridges. If you enjoy nature but still want a touch of luxury on your vacations, this complete list of Hilton Hotels in Bermuda and the rest of the Caribbean is here to help you book the perfect break.

Anyone looking for a ride to Bermuda

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