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Lindholm joked. Given the horrific events that brought the director and the couple together, this lighthearted tone might seem surprising. But the joke — and the laughter it elicited on the terrace — reflected some important truths about the television series on which the three have collaborated. Iso does indeed play himself in the series. In August , Ms. Wall, 30, was on asment for the magazine Wired when she boarded a homemade submarine to interview its Danish inventor, Peter Men. When she did not return home, the police began searching for the craft in the Oresund, the stretch of water that separates Denmark and Sweden.

Men eventually reappeared, initially claiming that he had brought Ms. Wall safely ashore before the submarine sank. But he changed that story when the vessel was recovered and, after her torso was discovered on a beach in Copenhagen, he later admitted to dismembering Ms.

In April , Mr. Men was convicted of sexually assaulting and killing her, and was sentenced to life in prison. The brutality of the crime, as well as the eccentricity of its perpetrator, made it one of the most closely watched cases in Scandinavian history. Men and the people who worked with him, was acquired by Netflix but later pulled from its lineup.

This month, Discovery Networks Denmark began airing a documentary series based on secretly recorded telephone interviews with Mr. Men in prison. Instead, Mr. Lindholm chose to focus his six episodes on the detectives, divers and scientists who gathered the evidence that would convict him. The genre of Nordic noir has exploded in literature and onscreen over the past decade, and is usually characterized by a horrific crime, a gloomy setting and protagonists tormented by personal demons.

Although Mr. Lindholm recalled. Malling said of the homicide chief. He just worked as a policeman for 40 years. Moller introduced Mr. Wall said. But they were even more persuaded by what Mr. Lindholm did want to focus on.

They were out there, on the Oresund in November, with big waves, and freezing cold. By the time Mr. And they had also, somehow, figured out a way to embrace life. The couple did not have veto power over the script, but they did advise Mr. But the couple experienced just the opposite, and the corrected scene, in which their neighbors bring them flowers and condolences, is one of the most moving in the series.

In one episode, Mr. Those small moments may not have the same dramatic force as the complicated twists of the average Scandinavian crime drama. But they add up to something affecting in its own right: a portrait of a society in which, even in the face of horrific violence, things work as they should. Lindholm reached down to pet Iso.

25 seeking something special

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